Saturday, August 06, 2011


Since last writing I have endured the moderate full body hyperthermia which kept my body temperature at 39.8 degrees for 2 hours whilst having antioxidant infusions. I tried to imagine I was laying in a hammock on a tropical island, waiting for my mojito!  Whilst I was having this treatment Jo arrived from KL and was waiting for me just outside the hyperthermia area.  So it was a lovely surprise when I walked out and it was really great having her here.
On Tuesday afternoon we walked into the nearest town along a small track in the countryside, with Sylvia who is one of the patients from the UK.  She was bought up in Brighton, East Sussex, just a few miles from my childhood home.  We had a nice afternoon in Nidda and ended up at a restaurant sitting outside in the town square having a fabulous German meal for dinner.
The next day after treatments, we took a bus excursion into Frankfurt where we had a couple of hours to look around the shopping area.  There was an Italian festival on and it was nice to get out of the clinic again for the afternoon.
A group of us walked into Nidda again yesterday afternoon for a coffee, it is a lovely walk especially when the weather is warm and sunny.  Jo left today and I was sad to see her leave, she has been a wonderful help this week and it has been great to have her company.  I do miss someone to do my washing, ironing and juicing now! 
Whilst she was here I moved into a guest house which is only a short stroll from the clinic and I shall remain here now until I leave.  The daily routine at the clinic is busy with various treatments, infusions, tests, and consultations so I look forward to returning here each night after dinner and chilling out!

Here are some photos of the Herzog Clinic, Bad Salzhausen, and my visit to Nidda with Jo and Sylvia.  I will try to update again soon....

Herzog Clinic

View from outside Herzog Clinic looking down
main street of Bad Salzhausen
Main street of Bad Salzhausen
With Sylvia in Nidda
With Jo in Nidda


  1. Hi Linda

    What a fabulous blog and Bad Salzhausen looks like such a lovely little town. I hope the treatments are all going well. I am thinking of you often and miss seeing your smiling face at school. Take care. Mel x

  2. Hello Linda,
    Have just had a read of your blog, how are you going???The photos are beautiful, what picturesque scenery. Kerrie Conner and I are at work, well looking at your blog actually as CT is quiet today. I had some drinks last Sun and we all missed you and the girls.Helen,
    Aimeon and Georgie came also.Keep smiling,
    Juliet Burton. ps:JEN AND STEVE are getting married in Dec,v exciting news.

  3. Hi Lin.

    What lovely pictures, you look really well, I hope all the treatments are going o.k. for you.

    you say in your blog, you will stay there till you leave, do you know how long you will be there for?

    Take care,

    lots of love.xxxx

  4. Hi Linda
    Hope all is going well for you in sunny Germany!
    It looks so beautiful there. Thankyou for creating this blog- you are the first person I
    have followed via a blog! Thinking of you
    Jess Maieroni :) xo

  5. Dear Linda
    Thinking of you and hoping all is going well.
    You truly are a remarkable woman and I wish you very best wishes.

  6. Hi again Linda

    You must be back in the UK now. Sounds like the treatments and your stay went really well. Looked like a lovely place to visit too. Great idea to do this. You are doing some great stuff for your health. Will be in touch when you return to Oz. Hugs and kisses to you and the girls.
    Love Lara