Sunday, July 31, 2011


Have been at the clinic for 4 days now and getting to know the routine.  It is very social and I have met many people from around the world.  There are quite a few Aussies here and a few from the UK so I fit in very well! The clinic is situated about an hour from Frankfurt in a small town called Bad Salzhausen.  It is very rural and surrounded by lovely parks and is a perfect time to visit as the weather is warm with long summer evenings.
The treatments are going well, so far I have only had a daily local hyperthermia which is a gentle heating method. Tomorrow I have the moderate-whole body hyperthermia where the body temperature is heated up to 40 degrees.
Also tomorrow my friend, Jo, from Kuala Lumpur is arriving for a few days so I am looking forward to seeing a familiar face.
I will attach some photos of the town and clinic in my next post...


  1. Fantastic idea Louis, looking forward to your entries and pics. Teen xoxo

  2. Hi Linda, we're all wishing you the very best for your treatment. Will follow your blog with interest.

    Cheers Leanne Stevens

  3. Hi Linda

    Great to see the photos of you and the kids and sending you all our love. Would be lovely to see you if you have the time on your way back

    Thinking of you and hoping all goes brilliantly

    Beverley Smith x

  4. Hi Linda. Well, blog works!!!! And I'm not surprised that Herzog is social. It's not the clinic - it's YOU!!!! You always make the very best of every situation and Herzog will be no exception. Thinking of you, missing you heaps and loads of love, Jackie

  5. Hi Linda,
    What a great blog! Fab piccies too. Thinking of you and hoping the treatment progresses well.
    Should be warm here too by the time you come home...
    Lots of love,
    Jo, Caleb and crew. Xx

  6. Hi Linda,

    Hope all goes well, thinking of you :)

    lots of love John, Denise and Girls xxx

  7. Hello Linda

    We are both thinking of you
    It will be great to follow your progress

    Tony's blood levels have been going down so we are really happy about that

    love to all
    Jannine & Tony Shirley

  8. Hi Linda, The photos of you all are fantastic, I think I am jealous that you are having such lovely weather. We are all missing you and the girls happy faces at school. Promise to send you some photos of the fair. Keep up the good work!
    Kerry, Liam, Nina & Ella

  9. Hi Linda,
    So good to hear from you and see the great photos. Good that you could have some fun time with the kids before leaving for your treatment. Have been thinking of you and glad to hear your treatment has started. Hope all goes well for you love - you deserve it. Take care and I look forward to more news.
    With love, Maxine & Brian

  10. Hey Linda,
    The blog is brilliant, looking forward to following your journey. Glad the girls are having a good time. Take care.
    Love Narelle & Sienna xx

  11. Hi Linda
    Great to hear you had a fun time with the girls and family in England at the beginning of your trip. The photos are lovely and you are all looking well and happy. Hope all goes really well with the treatments and your stay at the Clinic. Look forward to your updates.
    Lots of Love Lara, Greg, Keelan & Bianca

  12. Hello Linda,
    So happy you put up this blog so we can track your progress and see the lovely pix's of the girls and you! You all look great, hope the treatments go well for you. We are sending lots of WELL wishes to you..
    Much love,
    Bosha, Peter, Lily and olivia

  13. Dear Linda,
    Thank you so much for deciding to write a blog. You have so many friends out there who love you and are always thinking about you and your two beautiful girls and wondering how you are getting on. It will be good to keep up to date with your progress and be able to offer you some moral support throughout your journey. Your positive attitude is an inspiration and I wish you every success with your treatment.
    Love & hugs,
    Carly and Jahara

  14. Hi Linda,
    Thinking of nyou all the time. Hope allm i9s going well, so glad you have set up a blog, now we can see how well you are doing more frequently. Take care beautiful lady!!
    Love Mel Steven xx

  15. Simon and Mel WhitchurchWednesday, 03 August, 2011

    Hi Linda

    Hope all goes well for you. We are thinking of you.
    Simon,Mel,Lydia and Maggie

  16. Hi Linda

    Great idea to post a blog - we'll be with you every step of the journey. Lovely photos of you and the girls - please say Hi! from us here in Adelaide.

    All the best with the treatment in Germany - we'll all be thinking of you heaps.

    Love n hugs
    Sean, Vicky, Caitlin and Charli xxx

  17. Hi Linda
    Good to hear things are going well. Look after yourself!
    Alun, Anita, Emlyn, Carys & Seren

  18. Hi Linda,

    Good to hear that your going well.

    Take care.


  19. Lovely!!!!! The blog is just great, so pleased to hear your treatment has commenced, it will all be done with very quickly - even under these circumstances, time does fly. Great that you are having a friend to visit.are you staying at the lodging you decided on or are you at the clinic. Either way, hope you are content :) You are often in my thoughts and Helen's as well, Go Girl Go!!!!!! Much Love. Elaine.L.T

  20. Hey Linda!
    Thanks for setting up the blog! All the Conants are excited to keep track of your progress and are sending you love, positive energy and good thoughts! Hang in there baby.
    Beth, Rich, Ellie and Gus