Sunday, July 31, 2011


After getting over jet lag and waiting for a nice day, we spent a lovely afternoon at Bodiam Castle, East Sussex.  Ella, Kate and Caitlin (their cousin), had great fun climbing up the towers and over the ruins inside.  Mum and I didn't do so much climbing but enjoyed it just the same!
A few days later we had a family day out in London; went on an open top bus tour, then a river cruise and finally a ride on the London Eye.  It was a beautiful summers day and the view from the top was amazing.  We finished off with a stroll from Trafalgar Square down The Mall to Buckingham Palace - very touristy but great fun!
That was all I had time for as I returned to London two days later to fly to Germany for the start of my treatment in Frankfurt.  Fortunately I did have time to spend an evening in London with my dearest friends Cindy and Paul before I left, I haven't seen them for over 2 years but it always feels like yesterday...

With Ella, Kate & niece Caitlin at Bodiam Castle

Cousins at Bodiam Castle

Family day trip to London!

With Trudi on London Eye

Cousins on the London Millennium Bridge


  1. Hi Linda
    Wow I am the first to post a comment :)
    I am so happy to see your blog and to know whats happening as you and the girls are often in my mind. All the best for the clinic treatment - you should just come here to Vietnam as it's always so darned hot I am always dripping. If only I could give you some of my health, I would. The girls have grown so much I cant believe it and Kate has her Dad's big smile. Gorgeous girls and you must be very proud of them.
    lots of love and best wishes
    Dinah xxx
    PS couldnt work out the user name thing so I have used anonymous

  2. Michelle BainbriggeMonday, 01 August, 2011

    Fantastic photos Linda, can't believe how big Trudi's are! Well done for getting your blog up and running. Hope the treatment is going well, you should enjoy being warmed up a bit!!

    Thinking of you & my friend Jo was asking after you today.

    Lots of love, Mich xxx

  3. Michelle BainbriggeMonday, 01 August, 2011

    Oops meant to say Trudi's girls! Should give you a laugh anyway.
    Sorry Mich x

  4. Hi Linda!

    Glad to see your blog is up and running - great pics of you and the girls and so pleased you are enjoying warm weather! Thinking of you loads and hoping the treatment goes gently for you. Look forward to seeing more of the local photos when you get a chance to update the blog. Take care.
    Love Viv, Huw and the girls.xx

  5. Hi linda, Lovely to see you looking so well. Hope the treatment goes well at the Frankfurt clinic. Keep posting on your blog. To be honest I dont normally follow blogs! Sophie, Sean and new addition Jacob X

  6. Hi Linda

    Good luck with the treatment - I hope it all goes extremely well. Enjoy Jo's visit - wish I was visiting you too.

    Much Love, Joan

  7. Great to see you looking so well Linda. Let's hope all goes better than expected. Your positive attitude will always get you thru. Thinking of you always. Margi & Frank

  8. Dear Linda

    Thank you for keeping me in the loop. I have been thinking of you. I look forward to following your progress and wishing you good health and happiness. Rita Princi

  9. I hope the treatment goes well and you will all be together agin. A blog seems a lovely way to keep in touch - I wish for you all the 'white light' in the world to be with you. Looking forward to seeing you again in Australia - Love June x

  10. A week has passed already Lin,thinking of you as the days go by,what a wonderful idea this blog is,clever old thing....sorry not old lol,wonderful pics love Shal and Chunky x

  11. Pip Palmer and the gangxMonday, 08 August, 2011

    Hiya Linda

    Just got back from dorset camping with the kids and mick and have had a sunny time for a change - it always pours when we camp!

    Thinking of you and hoping that the treatment brings you what you want and its not too onerous.

    Much love from the chaotic house of the Palmers xxx

  12. Thanks Linda for the update and photos. It looks like a lovely area, and the gardens are beautiful. It surely sounds llke you are making the most of your time there. The cafes are a great place to hang out and people watch, aren't they? Enjoy the warm sunny days and the German culture. Lots of love Maria XXX

  13. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for the blog and the great photos. Good luck with the treatment.

  14. Hi Linda,
    I was at work with Kerry Conner on Fri and she gave me your blog address, we weren't v busy at all!! We missed you and the girls last Sun as I had some drinks; Helen, Eamon and Georgie came also. Hope everything going well for you, Myagah Rd misses you all, esp all the kids miss the girls.Good luck with the treatment and keep smiling, Juliet Burton and family

  15. Good to hear all your news and photos Linda. This blog is a great way to see your progress
    We think of you often so get well soon

    June and Brian Mc Nicholas

  16. Hey linda I have some dear friends that I think live close to where this clinic is. I will email them about your next visit. They have two girls, 16 and 12. We met them when we lived in NJ. Lily and their oldest were born around the same time and we have kept in touch on and off through the years.We just spent a week with them in Maine this summer. I will let you know what I find out. I hope the treatments are helping. Thanks for the updates.