Sunday, August 14, 2011


It has been a week since my last update and I have been so busy at the clinic the time has just flown.  I have had another full body hyperthermia this week which was better the second time around, maybe as I knew what to expect.  It was slightly hotter than last time but I seemed to tolerate it quite well.  Must have worn me out though as I slept for 4 hours afterwards and nearly missed dinner!
The rest of the week has been the usual daily gentle heat hyperthermia, magnetic field therapy, various injections and infusions etc.  It does become quite busy, we all have our own timetables and rush off for various treatments at different times.  The usual meeting places are the dining room or day room and there are always people around to chat to.
I have been trying to visit the gym regularly too as I have to do 30 mins exercise a day which so far I have managed to keep up!
The weekends are very quiet at the clinic, the treatments finish by Saturday lunchtime and don't resume until Monday morning.  Last weekend there was a farmers market in the main street which comes here once a month so that gave us something new to do.  Also a brass band plays every Sunday afternoon in the park so it can get quite busy although the average age must be about 70!  
The shopping excursion this week was to a nearby town called Gissen.  I went with a couple from KL and had a lovely time shopping with Becky whilst her husband pottered around by himself.  I think he was rather pleased I was there as he didn't have to look at women's stuff and could do his own thing!
I went into Nidda on Friday night for dinner with Sylvia and a couple of other patients. It was a nice change from the clinic food as we are all getting a bit fed up with it!  It is ok when you first arrive but after 3 weeks it gets a bit repetitive.
So now only three nights to go and I shall be heading back to the UK.  
After my consultation with Dr Herzog this week, I shall probably return here in November for a couple of weeks for further treatment.  This will be much the same as I have had this visit if my next scan results are good which will be in about six weeks time.
Having tea and cake whilst
knitting a scarf!!!
Mum has done a great job looking after Ella and Kate, they don't sound like they have missed me at all!  I am heading up to Ipswich to stay with my dear friends, Debs and Dave, who are having the girls for the next few days and I am really looking forward to seeing them all.
Thank you so much for all your comments and emails, it has been great to have your support and read all the news.
Until my next update, Linda x

 Park in Bad Salzhausen
View from my hotel window
The town is surrounded by these fields, this is
along our walk to Nidda
My hotel


  1. Hi Linda
    So glad to hear your news
    All the best
    Jannine & Tony

  2. Hello Linda I just rang Julie today to see how you are and here you are in Germany,great blog. I hope you are well and it's been a good experience? I have so much to ask you as I could really do with your advice right now! I have just got back from Bali http// and my health has deteriorated in the last two weeks.After many scans etc I have a 4.3cm tumor on my liver that is pushing all my other organs around the place! I am told it's nowhere else yet but unless I do something quick I'm looking at 6-8months. I am really not keen to do chemo again however am considering doing TACE treatment,chemo direct into the liver,as less harmful to the rest of the body. I have been writing to a few clinics in Germany and one in the states, I'd really appreciate your opinion on the clinic that you must be leaving tomorrow??? Are they getting good results? Some are very expensive $100,000 but I'm at that point where I need to do something soon.My email is iif you get a minute when your back in the UK I would love to hear from you. Dr Herzog was on my list I wrote to. Thinking of you,hope to hear from you soon. Suzy x

  3. Well done on the blog Linda. You look great and photos of the countryside look terrific. Take care and safe travels back to the UK.

    Michelle the bin gal

  4. Hi Linda, we have been thinking of you , thanks for the blog it is a great way to keep in touch. Having seen you are going back to Germany in September I guess you won't be back in Sunny Bris-Vegas until later in the year? Sounds like all is going to plan - we have been keeping in touch with The Coant's via facebook- I guess you are doing the same (if you have time). Take care, we send you our love and best wishes, Kylie, Gavin , Joely and Aiden Christison.

  5. Hey Linda,

    It's been great reading what you have been up to and I can't wait to catch up with you when you get back - please send our love to your mum and the girls and we all look forward to seeing you soon and I am hanging out for our Sunday tea sessions!!! Safe trip back, love Val, Cam, Alisa and Arran xxx

  6. Hi Linda, Everything sounds like it is going well. You look truly radiant, and whether that is the treatment, the company, the shopping or just your fantastic attitude, it is suiting you. Keep up the good work and give our love to all including the girls and your mum. Love Kerry, Liam, Nina & Ella xxxx

  7. Hi Linda, Hope you get this O.K. We've just returned from 10 days in Qld. visiting family and I didn't think there were any more blogs from you as I was looking in the wrong place. Must let Eileen know as well as I think she thought the same as me when I talked to her yesterday. Great to hear how well you are doing - I'm so proud of you - you look great and sound so positive. Great photos as well - it looks lovely there. I have to go in today to have another endoscopy where they are going to 'shave' some of the tumour away as I'm having trouble getting food down again, so will be glad to get that over with. You take care and we send all our love to you, your Mum and the girls. Thanks again for the interesting blogs.
    Lots of love, Maxine & Brian xxx

  8. Hi Linda,
    Its Marisa, I met you at the clinic when I was there with my husband Anthony and friend David (the Canadians). I am reaching out to let you know that shortly after you left the clinic, my dear husband Anthony passed away. It was August 20th, a sorrowful day both you and Maria both share - and now I do too. I would love to speak with you over email if you wouldn't mind as I know you understand what I am going through. When you have a moment, please email me at I hope you are doing well. Talk soon. Marisa

  9. Hi Linda....I'm Debbie, Maxine and Brians daughter. We just bought Mum's computer off Dad and I saw the link to your blog on here, so wanted to say "Hi". The news no doubt would have already reached you of Mum's passing away on 26th September....she spoke of you often to me and what an inspiration you were to her with your wonderful positive attitude. I just wanted to touch base and say well done and let you know I'm thinking of you and the girls. I was working at Somerton Kindy when Ella was there and still remember her as a sweet bright sensitive little girl. Hope you are all doing well!!